Why Us

Better Service

Artwork design for an LED screen is very different to brochure or TV, our in-house graphic designers are experienced and specialised in LED marketing design

Better Sign

All our signs are full colour full graphic, outdoor LED signs. They are tailor built with high quality components and designed to deliver a long lasting impact for your marketing campaign.

Our Solar Graphic Sign is the successor to Variable Message Sign (VMS), it allows you to advertise with detailed graphics anywhere the sun shines.

Better Price

As an advertising platform, the Graphic Sign trailer reaches a greater number of people that are most likely to come into and visit your business. It is also one of the most affordable form of advertising which gives you “immediate results”.

At Graphic Sign Hire, we don’t believe in the claims like “Best Price Guarantee”. The nature of our business is about providing solutions and services to other businesses, we simply put our effort into making things

better, always better

Free Graphic Design

up to 8 slides per fortnight free when you pay on time

Damage Waiver Included

When you pay on time

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