Solar Graphic Sign Hire

Solar Graphic Signs are the successor to VMS boards. They offer you the best of both world, delivering the impact of pictures & videos, at the convenience of solar.

  • Solar Powered LED Sign
  • No Extention Cord, No Fuss
  • No Electricity Bill
  • Pictures, Slides, Videos
  • Long Reserve TIme
  • Better Than Best Price

Trying to get your message across to motorists in your local area? Want to positioning your signs near main roads and highways make hassle free?

Try Solar Graphic Sign Hire from us. Solar Graphic Signs are solar powered, eliminating the need to roll out cords over your car park or pay expensive electricity bills just to spread the word about your business

Free Graphic Design

up to 8 slides per fortnight free when you pay on time

Damage Waiver Included

When you pay on time

Long Term Discount