Looking for a VMS Board Hire in Adelaide? Try a Better Trailer Sign Option

Full disclosure: Graphic Sign Hire does not sell VMS trailer signs in Adelaide. VMS (which stands for ‘Variable Message Sign’) is a product that one of our competitors offers. If you have driven an Australian highway, you have probably seen a VMS sign. These text-based signs are often used to provide traffic updates, roadwork notifications and other messages to drivers. For this kind of application, VMS signs work just fine. For advertising and promotion, though, VMS technology leaves something to be desired.

VMS vs. LED: Which Is Better for Your Business?

At Graphic Sign Hire, instead of offering VMS in Adelaide, we do full-colour graphic LED screens. When you see these two types of digital signs side by side, you will have no problem spotting the difference. Just to give you a sense of how different our signs are from the other digital billboard options on the market, though, here are a few areas in which our products outstrip the competition:

  • Colour: If you see a VMS trailer sign in Adelaide, you’ll notice that it is mostly monochromatic. Most VMS signs display one colour against a black background. There is one variant of VMS signage that can display five colours. In comparison, our LED billboards at Graphic Sign Hire has 16 million colours.
  • Pictures and graphics: VMS signs and other digital signage solutions often only allow you to display text messages. This functionality is fine for something like providing alerts to drivers along the highway. It is a problem if you plan to use your VMS sign for advertising. Text-based signs don’t demand attention. They aren’t inspiring, and they don’t tell your brand story. At Graphic Sign Hire, the full-colour nature of our LED screens makes it easy for you to market your brand with graphics and visuals, as well as text.
  • Customer service: One of the advantages of VMS board hire in Adelaide is simplicity. Inputting new text into a VMS sign is easy. Some businesses worry that making the leap to full colour LED billboards might have more of a learning curve. Surely you need some professional programmer or designer to get the sign to display the exact visuals you want? Luckily, when you work with Graphic Sign Hire, you get a comprehensive service package—including design, delivery, damage waiver and the sign itself. By collaborating with you to design your sign, we take the learning curve out of the equation.

Best of all, our LED digital signs at Graphic Sign Hire are only a little more expensive than you would pay for VMS trailer signs in Adelaide. Given a choice between a $500 black and white TV and a $600 colour TV, which would you buy? Most people would spend the extra $100 to get a far superior product. It should be the same with signage.

Skip the VMS in Adelaide and opt for an LED Billboard from Graphic Sign Hire

If you were considering a VMS in Adelaide but want something that can display colour and visuals, look no further than Graphic Sign Hire. To learn more about our signs and all their many benefits, call 08 8352 2237 today.