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Do you want to promote your event? Are you interested in engaging and attracting customers to your business? Do you need to display directions or information? Perhaps you just want to stand out from the crowd? Whatever your reason, we have the perfect sign for your business at Graphic Sign Hire Adelaide. We make it easy to hire and our signs are custom built to help you get your message across with higher exposure. If you want to get noticed, join the LED signage revolution with Graphic Sign Hire Adelaide. Check out our product range and find out how you too can experience the results these screens can bring.

Our signs for hire

Power Graphic Sign Hire

Power Graphic Signs works off mains power, giving you the ability to advertising in detailed graphics, producing the most impact for your marketing campaign.

Solar Graphic Sign Hire

Solar Graphic Signs are the successor to VMS boards. They offer you the best of both world, delivering the impact of pictures & videos, at the convenience of solar.

Full Colour VMS Hire

Unlike other VMS boards which only do single or up to 5 colours, and offer no font choices. Our VMS boards offer you full colour and a vast choice of fonts, at an even better price!

This is how
old VMS
looks like

Basic text
Basic colour
Poor Advertising

Graphic Sign VS VMS

Witness the difference


  • Up to 5 colours only 0.1%
  • 1536 LED pixels approx. 0.5%
  • 32 letters displayed the most 3%
  • 5% lit up area on average ~5%

VMS can display


Graphic Sign

  • Up to 16 MILLION colours 100%
  • 32768 full colour LED pixels 100%
  • Thousands of words easily 100%
  • 100% lit up area 100%

Graphic Sign can display

Styled Text
And More
And More...

Our world is
& colourful.

Make your advertising
stand out
& more effective


At Graphic Sign Hire, we don’t believe in the claims like “Best Price Guarantee”. The nature of our business is about providing solutions and services to other businesses, we simply put our effort into making things better, always better

The GSH difference

Here at Graphic Sign Hire Adelaide, we thrive to be the market leaders of digital signage, and we recognise that this can only be accomplished by looking after every customer we do direct business with. We only offer brand new, state of the art technology equipment that is in perfect working order for hire. All of our equipment is maintained to the highest standards, and we pride ourselves on providing exceptional service. We love to help, which is why we use our experience to recommend the right equipment for you, not the most expensive. Call us today, even if you’re unsure which signs you need, and let our friendly and experienced team help you work out which signs will best suit your next project, event or promotion.

Easy sign rental Adelaide wide

Clients keep returning to us because they know the superior standard of service we provide and that if they hire from us, our signs will be easy to operate and of a high quality. We make the process of sign rental Adelaide easy, with our no-fuss approach and helpful staff. Our graphic signs are available as either powerful solar recharging units for field use or integrated mains recharging for onsite use. They are energy-efficient, weatherproof, easily transportable and easy to power up. All our available sign systems are stunning and seamless, providing clear and vibrant imaging that will get the attention of your audience. They’re ideally suited to large format outdoor advertising screens and can handle full sun positions with ease.

Vibrant and targeted mobile advertising

Our full colour VMS and graphic signs are ideal for traffic management, outdoor events and functions, auto dealerships, gyms, medical centres, restaurants and any other business that wants to be noticed. The use of colourful and appealing images will make your message stand out and grab the attention of passing by consumers. Your message can be tailored to your particular target market anywhere at any time. You have the luxury of changing your own message daily, weekly, monthly or even ten times a day if necessary via your own laptop and wifi. For the ultimate in high impact mobile advertising that gets your message across, choose the sign rental Adelaide businesses rely on.

Why us?
Better Service

Better Service

Artwork design for an LED screen is very different to brochure or TV, our in-house graphic designers are experienced and specialised in LED marketing design


Better Sign

All our signs are full colour full graphic, outdoor LED signs. They are tailor built with high quality components and designed to deliver a long lasting impact for your marketing campaign.

Our Solar Graphic Sign is the successor to Variable Message Sign (VMS), it allows you to advertise with detailed graphics anywhere the sun shines.

Better Price

Better Price

As an advertising platform, the Graphic Sign trailer reaches a greater number of people that are most likely to come into and visit your business. It is also one of the most affordable form of advertising which gives you “immediate results”.

Free Graphic Design

up to 8 slides per fortnight free when you pay on time

Damage Waiver Included

When you pay on time

Long Term Discount