Power Graphic Sign Hire

Power Graphic Signs works off mains power, giving you the ability to advertising in detailed graphics, producing the most impact for your marketing campaign.

  • Mains Powered LED Sign
  • Full Colour LED Display
  • Pictures, Slides, Videos
  • Always Better Price

When you think of advertising boards, you might imagine the old variable message signs (VMS) that you see above motorways – the ones that display two or three colours at the most and have enough space for up to 32 characters. While such old-fashioned boards allow you to convey a short message and perhaps detail the basics of your service, they don’t do much to force people to turn their head. Most of us are so used to seeing these bland old display boards that we don’t even notice their existence. Fortunately, thanks to the modern Power Graphic Sign in Adelaide, that’s no longer the case.

At Graphic Sign Hire, we supply our patented LED display board to Adelaide businesses, and unlike their predecessors, they’re capable to showing over 16 million colours, which dwarfs the maximum of five colours that the typical VMS boards can display. Our LED screens have a crisp and clear picture, ensuring your message gets across to potential customers

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